Commerce is Going Strong

by Jeff Titcomb on September 22nd, 2012

I found myself driving across Northern California the other day to attend a Regional Tourism and Recreation meeting. When out on the roads early in the morning I found my usual, casual, comforting drive up past Lassen Volcanic National Park and then on down to the Hot valley floor below. The traffic in the city is going wild! The Interstate was packed with 18 wheelers hauling everything under the sun. Huge trucks all lined up and cruising right along. I always expect some traffic but this was unusual, and very heavy, and continuous. Truck after truck after truck, rolling to destinations North. It surely looks as if the economy is booming! After my meeting we visited many stores and businesses that sale a variety of goods and services, and they all seemed really busy. A Great lunch at a busy lunch counter and friendly service. Things seem to be clicking right along. It's easy to get stuck in a rut and until you leave your little world and explore other horizons, you really don't get a strong feel for the actual state of things. I'm happy that a recovery seems actually doable and that the changes are coming, slowly but surely. The recovery is slow and steady, and business keeps moving along. People get scared during election years and are fearful to spend, so after November were hoping for better momentum. Fingers crossed! It seems that in the bigger cities and towns the change is taking place and we're hoping the same will happen here in rural America.

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