by Jeff Titcomb on December 6th, 2012

As we come towards the end of another year here in the Beautiful Indian Valley of California, we give Thanks for all that we have to enjoy in such a Splendid place on Earth!
I hope your Thanksgiving was Great and that you feel Thankful for a full, grace giving life, where ever it is you call Home! Here in Greenville and the surrounding communities that make up the Indian Valley we have had much needed rain and a mild November thus far. Now that we seem to speed steadfastly into December the Holiday Season is really upon us! There will be many activities in the coming weeks and those Fun parties that we Love to attend each year with our Family and Friends. I am Thankful that this community, as small as it may be, has planned an End of Year Mixer, December 14th in the Greenville Town Hall and is Free for All to attend, and Enjoy a complimentary Dinner at 6:00 p.m. I Hope you can all come and say Hi. Bring a Potluck to share if you can. The following day on the 15th of December is the chance to again support you local businesses here in the Indian Valley, and Shop Small Business! Your local retailers live on your support of their small businesses and really do appreciate the opportunity to be of Service to you and your Gift Giving needs. When you support your local shops that money is reinvested into your local economy, and that really can make a difference in how life and liberty is supported from the bottom up.
Later that evening on the 15th of December is our combined effort to have a community wide event centered around a Festival of Trees and the lighting of the Community Tree located now at the Indian Valley Community Center on Highway 89 in Greenville, California! We will light the Memorial Lights there at 6 p.m. when Santa arrives. We would like for everyone to have a moment of silence before going inside for the festivities, to read the names of the Memorial Lights and remember that lives past are important to remember and pay respect to the Great memories of our Loved ones at this Special time of year. Inside will be lots of Family friendly Fun and Beautiful ideas to light up the trees, that will be so Spectacularly decorated. 
It takes a Village to pull these events together and make them meaningful for everyone! Please take the time to support your community in these efforts to Celebrate and Enjoy this Winter and Holiday Season. I am Thankful for a Supportive and Active Community and that it is because of you that my Jewelry company is able to survive here in this Wonderful place! It's been a tough economic few years but sometimes that is to remind us that there are other Important things in Life to Enjoy, and your Friendship is one of the many things. I Thank You and look forward to seeing you soon.

by Jeff Titcomb on November 1st, 2012

It's that time of year again! Seems like we were just finally cleaning up from last years Big Bash!
The Indian Valley Chamber of Commerce's Holiday Open House Event is upon us this coming Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. November 2,3, and 4th. The entire Indian Valley Community is participating and working diligently to get ready for a really Fun time. The trees are going up and fully decorated with the latest styles of the Season!
Taylorsville, Crescent Mills, and Greenville will all be participating in the event and represented by the business community in each town. Get out and visit these local shops and support your local businesses today! You will find the Best of the latest merchandise and very friendly shop keepers just waiting to answer your questions and celebrate with you the Joy of the Season.
Some think it's a little early but we have a larger than normal visiting population from Lake Almanor and surrounding areas and it gives them the chance to shop while here and then only a few more times before Christmas to come back and shop as most visit periodically and don't live here full time. The weather is Beautiful and the Fall leaves are hanging on as we've had some rain, so the color continues to slowly intensify.
I really enjoy this time of year and being able to be of service to the folks that support us each year! It gives me a chance as a Jewelry maker to be busy making custom pieces and Bold Holiday pieces for that Special party or gathering. I think everyone is tired of the politics that have smothered us for the past months and they're ready for a good party!
We invite you to come and visit these small communities and see for yourself what makes living here such a Special thing. The scenery, the people, and the "Can Do" attitude make this place what it is, and what a strong common bond we have with each other.
We're here and ready to serve You!
Won't you come and be a part of our Annual Tradition?
Hope to see all of you this weekend.

by Jeff Titcomb on September 22nd, 2012

I found myself driving across Northern California the other day to attend a Regional Tourism and Recreation meeting. When out on the roads early in the morning I found my usual, casual, comforting drive up past Lassen Volcanic National Park and then on down to the Hot valley floor below. The traffic in the city is going wild! The Interstate was packed with 18 wheelers hauling everything under the sun. Huge trucks all lined up and cruising right along. I always expect some traffic but this was unusual, and very heavy, and continuous. Truck after truck after truck, rolling to destinations North. It surely looks as if the economy is booming! After my meeting we visited many stores and businesses that sale a variety of goods and services, and they all seemed really busy. A Great lunch at a busy lunch counter and friendly service. Things seem to be clicking right along. It's easy to get stuck in a rut and until you leave your little world and explore other horizons, you really don't get a strong feel for the actual state of things. I'm happy that a recovery seems actually doable and that the changes are coming, slowly but surely. The recovery is slow and steady, and business keeps moving along. People get scared during election years and are fearful to spend, so after November were hoping for better momentum. Fingers crossed! It seems that in the bigger cities and towns the change is taking place and we're hoping the same will happen here in rural America.

by Jeff Titcomb on August 19th, 2012

I don't even question where to go to buy things I need. My local stores and service providers have so many of the items I need on a daily basis. I find myself in Evergreen Market almost everyday and most days twice a day. I need to eat, right, so where else would I go. I find the convenience of my local store the big draw for me as well as the Great, Friendly Service I get from my friends and neighbors that work there. It really has a sense of Community that exists around Evergreen Market, Lupine's, Anna's Cafe, Main Street Dinner House, and Mountain Valley Pizza. These stores and Eateries are the places we gather and communicate about our little towns and what's new, or what's happening now. It's easy to go buy gas and goodies at Nellz Towne Pump and I find my lunch here when on the run. I find myself with car troubles occassionally, needing tires or maintenance, and the Mohawk Trading Company of Greenville always has what I need, either in a technician to fix my car or a set of used tires in the sizes I need to keep me running, until those Winter studded ones need to go on. ;)  I like to shop with my Friends, Family, and Neighbors. They're all so kind and nice, and are really concerned about getting exactly what I need for my specific reasons.
I like to travel around Indian Valley and have a meal out in Genesee at the Genesee Deli and Bistro, or stop in Taylorsville and buy an Awesome steak at Young's Market. I get my haircut in Taylorsville every month and Love to see what's new in Crescent Country, in the Quaint little town of Crescent Mills on my way. The reason I live here is to enjoy a slower pace of the country life and enjoy those unique businesses that make this place Wonderful. I hope you'll find it easy to support your local retailers and enjoy the unique qualities of each little place that make the Indian Valley Special.

by Jeff Titcomb on July 19th, 2012

Have you visited the New Greenville Cy Hall Memorial Museum yet?
This Beautiful and Stunning building used to be the Bransford McIntyre Dry Goods warehouse, built in 1877. It's been through many years of transformation to become the museum in Greenville today. The many layers of siding were pulled off and an entire interior restoration was artfully done. The floor boards were pulled and put back after structural improvements were made, with warehouse stains still intact. The front and side doors were made out of 130 year old wood that had been stored within the old building. Thanks Brad Smith and Mavis Somers for the untold hours spent making new doors and almost everything else imagineable to complete this restoration. The community of Greenville is so Thankful for the sharing of your talents!
Mavis also contributed the Beautifully painted Barn Quilt that is attached to the Mill Street side of the building. It's Wonderfully painted as a block quilt hanging on a clothesline, complete with clothespins and chickadees, as it looks to be gently blowing in the wind. The building is ADA compliant and that was no easy task! It is obvious as you look and see the large handicap ramp that goes up the Mill Street side of the building. The old board and bat exterior finish is great and underneath those boards the walls all received a new sheet of plywood for extra strength and insulation. For all these changes we Thank Bink Huddleston, as a long term serving President of the Board of Directors, and Project Manager, many of these changes were able to be undertaken and successfully accomplished under such Great leadership! There is a plaque inside dedicated to Bink and his efforts. He is still a Board of Director and volunteers to manage the museum many days per month, so stop by and give him a "thumbs up" for his service.
The museum is located on the corners of Mill Street and Main Street in Historic Greenville, California. A Premiere Gateway Community to Lake Almanor and Lassen Volcanic National Park.
The museum is open Wednesday through Sunday from 10a.m. till 2 p.m. During the months of May through the end of September.
This years feature is "Indian Valley Schools" so you're bound to see school band uniforms and year books from every era. The instruments and science class tools are on display too. We have a donated hand painted, matted, and framed picture of the old historic schools of Indian Valley that will be raffled off, so make sure to buy your raffle tickets while you're there, or call 530.284.6633 for more information. The museum has a Great Facebook page too for communicating directly with docents of the museum.
Come check it out today! See what wonderful events and memoriabilia await. As always this museum can't remain without help from the public in form of donations and docents. Please donate time and money if possible to save such a Lovely museum.
Thank You!

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