by Jeff Titcomb on July 7th, 2012

I realize that the elevation is only 7,232 feet above sea level but the view seems like it's the top of the world.
A few times this year I've had the opportunity to make the drive up to the Mt. Hough fire lookout station and Crystal Lake. What a Wonderful spot to go and leave the troubles of daily life behind.
I Love everything about this drive up China Grade from Taylorsville or Emigrant Grade off of Arlington Road near Taylorsville, California. I go at different times of the year when snow has melted and made way for the greenery, and man does it get Green! The Summer creeps on slowly and lets us peek at wildflower blooms little by little. All of the types of flowers are there along the way, lillies, paintbrushes, mules ears, and tons of wild lupines in varying shades of purple!
I like to look back and see my ascent from the valley floor to the top of the mountain, where the lookout is and then walk to the edge of the cliff and the turquoise blue-green waters of Crystal Lake comes into view. In the picture you see here I escorted some visitors of The Hideaway Motel and Lodge to Crystal Lake and I can see by their faces that it was a Big surprise to look over the edge and witness the Stunning Beauty of Crystal Lake and Indian Valley below with the Genesee Valley to the right, and then turn to the left and see the blue waters of Lake Almanor, and Lassen Peak in the distance!
As we descended the steep trail down to the sandy beaches below, right next to the lake we were impressed with the scenery of the mountains, trees and sometimes wildlife that exists in this special place, as last time I saw a cinnamon colored Black Bear eating grubs from a stump. It's not unusual to witness great creatures of the mountains here, close to water, and part of a wildlife game preserve. As visitors we were struck by the great distances that we could see in all directions. On the hike down the trail we could see the plant life growing in Round Valley Lake, closest to us and then the other Great features lined up in the distance.
It's important to share our Stunning places of natural beauty with our Guests as they come to visit and spend part of their lives with us in this Special place. In the picture above you'll see my Guests as they celebrate an Anniversary and a Birthday in one of the most spectacular places that Plumas County has to offer. Tourism and Recreation are such a large part of our Economy here and we need to make sure the Guests come and have a Wonderful time.
I am Blessed to be able to serve others, share my vision and special places, and Love and Respect Nature in all of its forms given to us!

by Jeff Titcomb on June 6th, 2012

Greenville turns 150 years old this year!
It's tough to find a lot of history about the earliest days in Greenville. It seems the rough and rowdy bunch that settled this area didn't write much down and keep good records. We have pieces of their legacy left in the form of a few old buildings and a brief history that gets passed down, stories shared at our Greenville Cy Hall Memorial Museum here in town, on the corner of Mill and Main Streets. You should visit the museum sometime and see the displays about past residents and the Indian Valley Schools, which is on display this Summer! Greenville burned down several times and destroyed most of the early structures here. Amazingly we have a few residents that have lived here for 101 and 100 years! To think that these ladies have witnessed that many years of the history of Greenville. Our celebration will be in July this year during our Gold Diggers Day Celebrations! July 20th is a Friday night concert on Historical Main Street with Lacy J. Dalton performing her well known hit songs. Saturday, July 21st will be the 50th Anniversary of Gold Diggers Day Celebration started off with a parade down Main Street and a salute to as many of the past Parade Grand Marshalls as can be found representing the last 50 years. This will be the Best Parade yet for Greenville! The day will continue with Street Faire Vendors and Food Vendors that will offer a Great variety of goods and goodies. Come join us in this Special year of Celebration for the Charming, Western town of Greenville! It should be a Wonderful time for Family safe Fun and Celebrating our Historical, Western California town. Saturday night will feature a Classic Hot Rod Car Show on Highway 89, at the Mohawk Trading Company and Evergreen Market parking lot. There will be bands playing in front of the Way Station too, with a Street Dance on Main Street. It promises to be a Good time had by All. Bring your dance partner or come and meet someone special at the dance. Hopefully many will be able to attend this Special Celebration with other Greenvillagers and visitors alike. Greenville, A Premiere Gateway Community to Lake Almanor and Lassen Volcanic National Park!

by Jeff Titcomb on May 22nd, 2012

Have you registered yet to participate in the Indian Valley Chamber of Commerce's Annual Valley Wide Yard Sales?  530.284.6633
June 2, 2012, All day in the Beautiful Indian and Genesee Valleys you will be able to pick up a map from the chamber and drive around searching for the specific Treasure Trove!
Come join in the Fun and the Hunt for that something special, a diamond, a tool or something completely practical, such a a Pyrex dish or kitchen gadget! There's always Great things to buy at so many different place in the valley.Bring your Friends or Family and find the value of the century! Have a Wonderful lunch at one of our restaurants or store deli. The Valley is Beautiful and not too Hot. As you travel around looking for that particular item of Joy you may stumble across some painted Barn Quilts that adorn very old barns, or brighten up a new one as well. The cattle are grazing on the soft summer grasses and some of the higher peaks still show a little snow. It's that perfect time of year to get out and see the best kept hidden Secret in Plumas County! Shhhh, don't tell too many though, you will have some competition! Lol. Bring it on, we're ready for the shoppers. This event is always a Family Favorite and I'm sure it always will be. We Welcome each of You to the Beautiful Indian Valley and Greenville, A Premiere Gateway Community to Lake Almanor and Lassen Volcanic National Park.
Look for sign up forms on: and on Facebook at:

by Jeff Titcomb on May 12th, 2012

Our 15th Annual Century Bike Rides are coming on May 26th! This is such a Great event for Greenville and the Indian Valley as well as Genesee. If you've never been the route takes you out through the quaint, scenic areas of Indian Valley on lightly traveled roads, that pass through farm and ranch lands, with horses, goats, and cattle. This May looks to be absolutely Beautiful, as always, and the weather looks Nice too. You have the choice of how far you go, so if you're not up to the climb up and around Antelope Lake, you can stop at the Genesee Store and enjoy a Fabulous lunch prepared by Mr. Robert Meacher, that owns the Genesee Store and Loves to cook Great culinary dishes for his customers. You won't be disappointed with the food, it's always top notch! The run up and around Antelope Lake is so scenic and Beautiful that you almost have to ride the full way, just to see the Stunning scenery. Last year was a wet ride but still pretty, and as I came around the valley upon a long curve, and there were 2 horses standing under the apple trees just covered in wet apple blossoms. The image will always be imprinted in my mind as the specific Beauty associated with this place we call Indian Valley! The rides are affordable and we see many families coming to ride together. There are water stops along the way with treats, so you can rest and recharge some. Bring your camera and plan to have a Blast! You will take a ton of pictures and thouroughly enjoy yourself. We have lodging here in town if you need to stay and Anna's Cafe is Open 7 days every week for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, as well as Main Street Dinner House, and Mountain Valley Pizza. Evergreen Market has some wonderful Deli foods and obviously groceries too. Come to the mountains and ride in the shadow of the largest plug dome volcano in the world, and just ten minutes from Beautiful Lake Almanor! Greenville, and the Indian Valley Chamber Welcomes You to our Premiere Gateway Community to Lake Alamanor and Lassen Volcanic National Park! May 26, 2012.

by Jeff Titcomb on May 4th, 2012

The time of year has come again for our Indian Valley Chamber of Commerce Summer Wine and Food Festival!
This is an Evergreen Market Mixer for the chamber and last year was such a Great event.
We feature the foods, wine, and mixed drinks that can be made from shopping at our local Evergreen Market. The quality of these foods and beverages is Awesome and for only a $5 donation at the door. We will feature local Artisans, such as , wood carvers, painter, photographers, and other types of Artisan goods. This is a Fun event that will highlight all of the local goods and artistic performers. This event will kick off our Summer season on May 19, at the Greenville Town Hall in Greenville, California, Plumas County, USA!
The following week will be our 15th Annual Century Bike Rides that start at Greenville High School, at 7a.m. and run out through the Indian and Genesee Valleys, to Genesee Store for Lunch break and up to, and around Antelope Lake, back down to Genesee, and back to Greenville! 
The following Event will be on June 2nd with our Indian Valley and Genesee Valley Yard Sale! Get registered to set up your new found or old found Treasures to sell. Get registered and on the Map, so that all of the annual visitors that come to our Yard Sale can find your location!
Please Call Lillian at the IVCC office at 530.284.6633 to register today.
The forms for our Bike Rides and Yard Sale are on our website:
Check out all of the Wonderful photographs and Calendar of Events to see all that's going on in our Wonderful part of Northeastern California in Plumas County and Indian Valley.
Recreation, Tourism and Events will be our Saving Grace to improve our local Economy and help us thrive.
Greenville, California, A Gateway Community to Lake Almanor and Lassen Volcanic National Park!

by Jeff Luke Titcomb on April 28th, 2012


When we look back at the history of The Hideaway Motel and Lodge, nestled in the Quaint, Western town of Greenville, California, we see a unique business built before its time. The Hideaway Motel and Lodge was built in 1947 just as the United States was coming out of World Warll and Detroit was just getting back to making civilian transportation after the war. The Federal Highway Administration didn’t start building Interstate Highways prior to 1956. The Hideaway Motel and Lodge is a 13 room roadside Motel and Lodge built before such accommodations were popular, or necessary!
Most people traveling in the late 1940’s stayed in big city Hotels and Boarding Houses. The typical roadside Motel didn’t really evolve until the late 1950’s and beyond.
The Hideaway Motel and Lodge has been well cared for over the last 65 years and Bink Huddleston, current owner, is no exception. He has owned the Hideaway now for almost ten years and makes continual improvements to the motel and the property.
This year not only marks the 65th Anniversary of The Hideaway but the Sesquicentennial of Greenville, California, and the 50th Anniversary of Greenville’s Annual Gold Digger Days Celebration. Because of this remarkable year in Greenville’s history the town is having a special concert Friday, July 20, 2012 to Celebrate, with a concert by Legendary Country singer Lacy J. Dalton! This will be held on Greenville’s Historic Main Street, as well as Celebrations all day Saturday in Greenville!
The Hideaway Motel and Lodge is just 10 miles from the southern end of Lake Almanor and less than 50 miles from the entrance to Lassen Volcanic National Park!
The Hideaway Motel and Lodge is one of the longest surviving lodging establishments in Plumas County. Being run continuously for the 65 years shows how much Tourists have come to Love this historic establishment over the many decades.
Come and Stay at The Hideaway Motel and Lodge in Historic Greenville, California, A Premiere Gateway Community to Lake Almanor and Lassen Volcanic National Park!

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