What is the Chamber? and Why is it Important?

by Jeff Titcomb on January 31st, 2014




chamber of commerce


an association, primarily of people in business, to promote the commercial interests of an area.Abbreviation:  C of C



These questions tend to come up all the time and a lot of people don’t realize what the chamber does and why it is important to keep the chamber healthy and running efficiently.

There are long lists of little things the chamber does to support businesses in the Indian Valley but lets look at a few of the more important ones:

1. Events, Planning, Hosting, and Support: Our small communities need these events to promote Tourism/Recreation and increase economic vitality in rural California. Sometimes the event isn’t hosted by the chamber but the chamber does provide insurance coverage, planning, logistics, and advertising support for each event. For example: Gold Digger Days, 4th of July Parade Softball Tournaments, Veteran’s Day, Bicycle Rides, Leaf Peepers Fall Color Campaign, and Barn Quilt Trail events, as well as business mixers, Holiday promotional events, and Memorial Lights that benefit the local Food Bank.

2. Sense of Community: The chamber offers a forum for business owners and community members to interact and share the needs of the community with each other. The chamber offers ways to improve communication throughout the community by way of website presence and social media interaction. The office is open for community support and communications that otherwise may not happen. It’s a way to communicate to visitors also and share our way of life with those that may happen upon the valley and have questions or interest in the area, some may want to relocate here, and/or start a business here.

3. A Combined Voice: Through affiliation with the chamber of commerce and the groups that the leadership of the chamber associates with statewide, nationally, and internationally, have an effect politically and legislatively that can impact our area for the good. Giving us a unified voice can assist with getting help that alone we may not be able to achieve. The leadership of the I.V. C of C sits on boards across the area and across the state for example: Streetscape Committee, P.C. Economic Recovery Committee, Shasta Cascade Education Foundation, Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association, and other Tourism/Recreation boards, and groups across Northern California.

4. Business Promotions and Education: Through business mixers and various affiliations the chamber is heavily involved in promoting our local businesses both locally, and globally through previously mentioned avenues of communication. Tourism/Recreation seems to be at this time the strongest contributor to our economic engine. We strive through affiliation and education to keep these links alive to promote those that choose to run a business here in Indian Valley. Your chamber leaders are involved on a weekly basis with foreign writers, publishers, and advertisers to strengthen this Tourism/Recreation component through previously mentioned groups, and through Visit California, and Discover America. It does take time and commitment to take the pictures, edit the images, and share those images with verbiage that highlights the great value of visiting Plumas County, and specifically the Beautiful Indian Valley. I know this process well because as the volunteer webmaster I am involved daily with this process of share and update. We strive to bring information back from These are but a few of the many duties carried out by your hard working chamber leadership and membership. I have to Thank You for the opportunity to serve and to learn as the Treasurer of the I.V. C of C, and the Treasurer/Secretary of the Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association, and Education Foundation, as well as the Tourism/Recreation Committee Chair of the PCERC, I have tried hard to promote my little corner of California, and improve business in my immediate area through these efforts listed above, but without your support, We as a chamber cannot exist, and continue these efforts for very long without funding. Sad to say but the chamber needs the support of local residents, businesses, and political leadership, in order to continue to serve the needs of the community. In return we offer our services, mostly unpaid volunteer hours by a small but vocal group of leaders. I ask of you to volunteer to help the chamber with events, and to assist in a financial contribution as well. To achieve a Sense of Community, a Good Direction, and to have Fiscally Sound Plan of Action it will take all of us, invested wholeheartedly to not just survive, but thrive in this Beautiful place we call Home!

We ask for your Input and Support Today!

Thanks So Much.


I.V. C of C Leadership.

Office: Lillian Basham

President: Bink Huddleston

Vice President: Josh Huddleston

Treasurer/Secretary: Jeff Luke TitcombBoard: Judy Dolphin, Scott Tanner, Laurie Rawlins-Betta, Bev Hardestythese collaborations with others and educate locally with the information as it pertains to our goals of achieving a strong business environment.

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