Tourism Article For June 2018

by Jeff Titcomb on June 12th, 2018

California Welcome Center In Anderson Ca​
If you are travelling the I-5 corridor in Northern California stop by the California Welcome Center in Anderson! Just 10 miles south of Redding, California​, and 20 miles north of Red Bluff, California.
Our Welcome Center covers the Shasta Cascade Region (8 far northern California counties) and here you can find maps, outdoor recreational activities, hotels, motels, inns, resorts, B&Bs, RV parks & campgrounds, guide services, marinas, lake activities, museums, restaurants and more! There's a gift shop with locally made items and a county representation booth for each of the 8 counties that make up the region. We've rebranded ourselves as UpState California so look for our #UpStateCA on all of our online marketing.
Located at the south end of the Shasta Gateway Center ( Shasta Outlets​ ) we also have restrooms, drinking fountain, and we are dog friendly.
If you plan to visit the region, but want to get up-to-speed on the great things our area has to offer, call us for a free visitors package 800.474.2782 or 530.365.7500 | View a digital copy at or request information/package via email
It still comes back to the idea of "A Rising Tide Lifts All Ships", our motto that in our region if we can all work together we will all succeed. We work to support all of Upstate California in marketing tourism and recreation. Coming back again and again to diversifying the economy and making things better financially for our small, family owned businesses. We still need to work on the idea that if one county does well, eventually all the other 7 counties will eventually do well. I work hard at that goal and I refuse to be jealous about someone else getting the attention this time because I know that our time will come and that our opportunity is right around the corner. We just completed our annual submission to the Travel & Leisure section for the San Francisco Chronicle and I am proud of the support that the Indian Valley Chamber of Commerce, Lake Almanor Area Chamber of Commerce, and local businesses of the county gave to make some great advertisements available to the many subscribers in the Bay Area, the state of California, and across the globe. Editorial content for our particular county was light this year but in past years when advertisement dollars were tight the editorial content was broad and quite complimentary to Plumas County, again the idea that we work together to raise all ships, and hopefully we all succeed. It is the value that the Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association and the City of Redding come together to purchase the center pages of advertisement for this travel insert and make the section a possibility for the rest of us to participate in. Quality advertisement that reaches across the globe is never cheap and is effective in getting our name out there to the travelers that consider where to spend their vacation funds this next year. Putting our best foot forward helps us rise to the top of the list for their consideration. The SCWA group is doing a performance review of the General Manager of the organization now and I feel this is an important function of the Board of Directors to be able to review what happens within the organization and govern the direction of the organization for the coming year or years as we have been a bit relaxed in doing a performance evaluation. It's easy for us to approve budgets and move forward with the function of the organization but it takes work to constantly evaluate the progress of the entity and evaluate its success or failures. If you get a chance pick up a copy of the Travel & Leisure section of the Chronicle and see what interesting things are going on and how we present ourselves to the rest of the state and nation. The work continues to market and advertise our area in many ways, and we meet again as a board on July 10th in Anderson, CA. at the Welcome Center. We continue to contribute to 'What's New" with Visit California and all of the great promotions offered to us by them. That organization has everything in place to assist us in promoting ourselves globally and we will continue to work closely with them in marketing and advertising. They have programs specifically created to assist the rural areas of the state. I continue to attend their board meetings when they are close to us in the Upstate California area. Anytime I can associate with the Visit California group I will do so as they bigger budgets and great concepts, and programs that help us market our assets. Check out the newly updated website at: and utilize the calendar of events feature provided there for us to promote local events. It's my pleasure to serve all of you in the capacity of Treasurer of the SCWA Board of Directors for another year and I hope you will join me in promoting tourism and recreation in Upstate California. The opportunity is there, the programs are in place, we just need to participate in them as much as possible. Let's make our local businesses succeed by promoting ourselves and our way of life in these small communities. “Travelling unveils new dimensions of this world not known to the naked eye.”   Wayne Chirisa 

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